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Who Knew we'd be geniuses at this stuff? 


Brainchild of Greg Cockroft and serial inventor and entrepreneur Bill Warner, MapJunction is a product that seamlessly stitches together over 400 maps and aerial scans of Boston.

In development since 2001, the problem was that MapJunction did too much, and first-time users were baffled. Where to start, how to use it, what does it do?

Traher Design was asked to fix that. Our inexpertise (?) proved invaluable. The developers were focused on showing all the program can do – instead we focused on what a normal person could grasp or use out of all the options. Put another way, not many people can think in 3D, so we reduced the dimensions to 2. Literally.


We devised a simple rule: only two maps can be viewed at one time. Choose a base map, and a top map. And then we made it look clean and simple, with intuitive functions and custom icons, designed to work as well for cell view users as the original full screen format.

Shown here are front/back views of the business cards we designed. Plus original notes for the guidelines we developed to ensure a user-friendly end product.  

"This is really beautiful. I think it all works. Very impressive!"

- Bill Warner  

"Everyone loves your [card] design. It's really brilliant."

- Bill Warner  

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