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first design firm authorized to create custom splash Event designs.

Splash Comedy Horror Image 1

Who knew we would be ASKED TO WORK with


SPLASH is a platform to seamlessly launch, promote, and scale sophisticated event programs, used by more than half the Fortune 500 companies to power their events.

At Traher Design, we love parties, and technology. When we were invited to create unique designs to showcase the capabilities of SPLASH, the challenge was irresistible. We tested and provided feedback on their proprietary software in the process of creating these directions. 

We've gone on to offer SPLASH event capabilities to our own clients. Check out our Highland Capital Holiday SPLASH event in the Portfolio section.

Shown here are examples of what you would see if you scrolled down an event's landing page. The goal was to showcase the template's functionality, providing three design directions for a VIP film-screening invitation.

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