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talk about a
time trial...

Who knew this would ever be possible? 


Nomad Bikes went from a passion to a business in record time. Just 10 days to cross the finish line.

We had killer images, no text, no logo. Great camaraderie, though!

Traher Design worked with the client on the text, and with Jordan Low, the lead painter at Hot Tubes, to hammer out a logo that works well plastered all over all kinds of bikes. Ideas flew, and at Traher Design, we learned what a down tube is.

The client's son, our ultimate critic texted: "Holy s____ Dad! The site is awesome!"

The client says he gets about as many queries about who designed his website as he does to build bikes. And he's booked solid.

Who knew we would embrace designing within a templated website? But without time to custom design and code and test ... Check it out, maybe order a bike?!

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