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Traher Design grew out of our experience growing startups. You need to be strategic. And you need to stand out — in a way that is honest to who you are. Our style is finding the right style for each client so they look outstanding. 

Elissa Traher

“She’s a Clever Girl”


That IS her title, since she was about 4, probably time to update it. 


With a background in taking startups from zero-to-WOW, working with entrepreneurs such as Ted Leonsis (AOL), and more recently serial inventor Bill Warner (AVID Technologies, MapJunction) and Ben Hindman (Splash), Elissa designs clever solutions that work. Elegantly. And look amazing. 

For big companies with complex problems and small ones that want big solutions … she’s a clever girl. And now rides a big girl's bike.

Creative Team

Top Designers, Coders, Thinkers and Doers


Those are THEIR titles, they work at other companies, they work freelance, and they work with us because we have relationships stretching way back, and a history of doing our best work together. And keeping our sense of humor despite whatever challenges we come up against.


At Traher Design, we pull together the best team to do the best job for our clients. And then we pull together.

Traher Design alumni have gone on to achieve greatness. We are so proud. And maintain we taught them all they know. Ha!

About Our Charities

We spend a lot of our time trying to solve things with our design skills. We volunteer to design for many causes, from the arts to hunger in America, to trying to help refuges... so many causes, so little time. But when we met up with, we discovered a really smart way to address a lot of issues all at once. Clean water saves lives, not only from water-borne disease but from wasted opportunity.


Because with clean water available without walking for miles to obtain it, children can spend the time going to school instead. Women are empowered through the micro loans that require their participation, so their status in the community is enhanced. The charity is smart about how it invests, no one solution fits all problems, they approach each village differently. And make the most of every penny donated, many programs are now self-sustaining through the micro-loan model. It's actually brilliant. Check it out! is Kyle Damon's concept to raise awareness of the work of and also directly fundraise for the parent organization. $25 (the cost of giving someone water for life) is the fee to join, and gives members access to buy branded kit to wear. Members match their race fees with donations. So every drop of sweat team members shed turns into life-saving clean water.

Elissa Traher is incredibly proud to be the first woman asked to serve on the board, along with remarkably handsome fit men. Although she was horrified to discover that her duties extended beyond designing bottles, booths for events, and the like. Turns out, as a board member she's expected to compete. Ask her sometime about how she won the gold medal at her very first Centurion cycling event. And also second and third place.
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