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Kaplan Retention Projects

This student-retention project was a huge challenge. We researched the content, interviewed students and teachers, wrote the text; and finally designed all the pieces, the first print instances of their national rebrand. And received this amazing feedback:

"I'm in awe of what Traher Design has achieved for my client. The brand jumps from the pages. The design and layout are clean and simple, yet human. The detailed content is made remarkably clear and precise, presented confidently. These materials are (and I'm not overstating this) small works of genius. In a follow-up survey, the piece in question was seen as 'helpful or very helpful' by 86.32%. The third-party firm which did the survey said, 'The results of the survey are phenomenal. I have never seen such high recall and utilization from a mailed communication piece.'"

- Frank Parrish, Founder & CEO at The Virtual Agency

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Bo Forbes Animated Home Page

Bo is a well-known yoga guru, she wanted her site to feel "like breathing"...so we designed her pages with plenty of white space, and her logo to be spare and simple. The home page moves from pose to pose, as if effortlessly. For the project she required that we attend many of her classes to understand her unique approach, and boy did we get much stronger in the process of downward dogging it! She is an amazing and inspiring teacher.