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Traher Design is a boutique marketing communications firm for organizations of all sizes that need to communicate their brands in compelling, distinctive ways.

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The difference with Traher Design is a unique combination of creative insight, know-how and dedication.

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...and what clients say about us

"I'm in awe of what Traher Design has achieved for my client. The brand jumps from the pages. The design and layout are clean and simple, yet human. The detailed content is made remarkably clear and precise, presented confidently. These materials are (and I'm not overstating this) small works of genius. In a follow-up survey, the piece in question was seen as 'helpful or very helpful' by 86.32%. The third-party firm which did the survey said, 'The results of the survey are phenomenal. I have never seen such high recall and utilization from a mailed communication piece.'"
- Frank Parrish, Founder & CEO at The Virtual Agency

"I have worked with Traher Design on many projects over the past 12 years. I've always been impressed with both the quality and creativity of the results whether in brochures or logo designs. I like the collaborative process approach that they take and the results have always represented our projects or companies very well."
- Gary Ambrosino, Member of the Board of Directors, Valpey Fisher Corp., Managing Director at ClearValue partners

"Traher Design is original, creative, on time, and capable on the business side."
- Nancy Pitts, Director Marketing Communications, Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

"Traher Design is creative and always exceeds expectations."
- Doug Prouty, Global Operations Manager at Signiant